About Sanctuary

Please read carefully for more information on Sanctuary and what it is we do.

We are the Sanctuary, we are a brotherhood and a sisterhood of champions from all reaches of Azeroth. We fight for different reasons; driven by our never ending quest to seek out justice, truth and fairness for all of our noble members. Sanctuary is a social guild with its roots founded in kinship and helping each other out whenever and wherever possible.

Guided by Alunaria and the Guardians, Sanctuary is the perfect place to be if you are looking for friends to play with and a nice clean environment, with a zero tolerance policy for abuse of any type. The leaders of Sanctuary will go out of their way to ensure comfort for all its members. If you are interested in joining Sanctuary please click here


Social Activities

A brief overview of our social activities and guild events.

Our guild offers its players the chance to get involved within our private and exclusive community, everything from guild get together events, guild dungeon runs to social chatting. Sanctuary is committed to extending the hand of friendship to all those whom seek it.

We are always on the lookout for new members who wish to be a part of our guild and have fun with their fellow Azeroth inhabitants. We encourage all our members to take initiative, and if you have an idea for an event please feel free to post it on our forums.


Joining Sanctuary

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Joining Sanctuary is a fairly straight forward process, all we ask are a few simple questions and then one of our officers will follow up and speak with you. If you are interested in joining us, please click the button below.


Guild Features

Guild Forums

Relax and chat with your fellow guild members in our private forums as you adventure in Azeroth.

The Guardians

Meet the leaders and guardians of our Sanctuary.